Opportunity leers

One of the things I like about myself is the fact that I’m pretty darn good at recognizing opportunity and going for it. I also like that I don’t mind talking about what I like about myself, but that’s another story for another day.

I consider myself a pretty lucky person, but I think luck consists largely of having your eyes wide open to the possibilities around you, knowing what you want so you can actively call it to you and seizing the day when something interesting comes along.

So last week I was driving north on May Ave.—on my way to buy a GPS unit for Jeff’s drive to NYC—when I saw THIS:

Have you ever seen anything so full of promise and adventure?!?

It seems the wind had been sweeping down the plains and the poor gorilla at the auto dealership couldn’t stand up under the pressure. I knew immediately what I had to do.

Well, hold that thought, because what I had to do immediately was buy Jeff a GPS unit for another little opportunity we recently seized. The whole theme of this year has been big decisions, leaps of faith and hard work. Last summer we sold our house in the suburbs and moved into a rental in the heart of Oklahoma City, simultaneously opting out of the American Dream and participating in reverse white flight. I left my job of six years for a great new position that allows me to work from home. We even sold one of our cars.

So when we decided mid-summer that we would move to NYC, we were ready. And when Jeff got two teaching positions in NYC, we were ready for that too. The giant gorilla leering over May Ave. was a bonus.

It just so happened that three of my best friends were dining together at a restaurant nearby. And I had just enough time to call them, grab a camera and prepare for this rare photo opportunity:

I can talk about preparation and gumption all day long, but only sheer luck explains the fact that we were all wearing solid shirts in the same color family.

I’m not going to rule it out, but this might be the only time I blog about a blue, inflatable gorilla. Lots of thoughts about our local food system and what it means to be a neopioneer will follow.


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