She’ll be coming ’round the mountain….

Last Thursday my friends (really awesome friends) helped me load all of our worldly belongings into a U-Haul. Then my friend Matt, Elliot Jean Schnauzer and I drove approximately 25 hours to New York City.

Ellie also thinks Matt is a good friend, or at least a really good pillow.

Facts about this trip:

1) Matt is a very good friend to have. I would recommend that you find him and make friends with him, but then there would be less of Matt to go around, so hands off!

2) Hours I drove: 7

3) Hours Matt drove: 18 (see item number one)

4) Our U-Haul had to be fueled up every 5 hours or so. Every tank cost about $100. You can do the math – I don’t want to.

5) Times we stopped to sleep: 2

6) Times we stopped to visit a brewery: 1

7) Times each of us had to pee during the last 5 hours of the trip: 5 (see item 6 for explanation)

8) I award Indiana the most beautiful state award because I like my states kind of flat and full of farmland. Matt likes Missouri. Pennsylvania was nice, too, and wins bonus points for fog and for offering the opportunity to sing “She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.”

9) Total tolls: about $60

10) Things we didn’t have time to stop for: Vacuum Cleaner Museum; World’s Largest Rocking Chair; World’s Largest Gift Shop (with the world’s most annoying highway signage)

11) Times I felt compelled to explain that Matt is not my husband: 2

12) After a phone conversation on day 2 of the trip, I became vaguely concerned that it was possible a box of raw meat, peaches, maple syrup and mozzarella cheese had accidentially been loaded in the back of the truck, but thankfully that was not the case. This means, however, that someone in Oklahoma City took that box off my front porch before my friend could pick it up. Stupid thieves. I hope they didn’t waste the syrup.

6 thoughts on “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain….

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