OKC vs. NYC, part 3: OKC for the win!

I have a tendency to brag on Oklahoma City like a first-time grandmother, but ya’ll, it is well deserved. Here’s the thing: Imagine what it would be like to live in a great city while it was still becoming. In a documentary I watched recently, one of the commentators told a story about an old woman who was interviewed on the occasion of the moon landing. “This is great,” she said, “but it is nothing compared to the excitement of the day they opened the Brooklyn Bridge.”

The Skydance Bridge, Oklahoma City

I’m not saying that Oklahoma City will soon rival New York, but the act of transformation itself is thrilling. And it is fast. I was only gone eight months, but nearly half of the things I did on my visit didn’t exist before I moved.

The new grounds of the Myriad Gardens.

Veggies in the foreground, compost bins and the Thunderstorm Simulator in the background. At Myriad Gardens.

My favorite aspect of this transformation is the community it creates. Like a crowd at a fireworks show, you can hear the audible “Oooohs” and “Ahhhhs” everywhere you go. People are talking about Oklahoma City.

Indian taco – I couldn’t resist.

Because we were once lost together in a sea of KFC and Walmart, we herald the opening of every trendy taco place and vintage shop with collective enthusiasm. This isn’t San Francisco or Brooklyn or even Austin; we are still grateful.

On the patio at the new S&Bs, looking at Womb and the Iguana bus.

The weekend I was there, so much was going on: Festival of the Arts, Normal Music Festival, the Memorial Marathon and the first playoff game between the Thunder and the Mavericks. On Sunday I went to a quiet, garden brunch with local foodies, then a second brunch where drag queens sang gospel.

Four lovely ladies ready for raunchy jokes and biscuits with gravy at The Boom.

Then I welcomed spring with my favorite pagans (no Maypole due to rain.) I sat on porches while storms rolled through, cheered the Thunder with thunder in my ears, kissed babies, ate an Indian taco and watched a t-ball game. I had a beer and answered emails on the patio at S&Bs and took a conference call over gelato at The Wedge. And while it is unfortunate we had to drive to the new pedestrian bridge over I-40, I did walk across it, and it was beautiful.


3 thoughts on “OKC vs. NYC, part 3: OKC for the win!

  1. Wow. I never got to “know” OKC like you did, especially while it started to wear big girl pants in recent years, but this made me proud and made me smile at your joy. I even had a tiny lump in my throat because I too can call this home. Thank you. xoxo

  2. I am glad you got to know OKC.Thanks for sharing the “jewels” you discovered there.I have felt the vibe my last couple of visits. Planing on taking Edna to the Zoo soon, another OKC treasure. Love you Chelsey!

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