The Vomit family*

A couple years ago, I met Kathleen through the most (arguably) annoying, modern way possible: Twitter. I slowly transitioned from internet stalker (aka, blog reader) to real-life friend. Then, through sheer coincidence, I rented a house in Oklahoma City that was directly behind her sister Tara’s house. Tara and I shared a back fence. I saw her jog. She always said she never saw me naked, but for several weeks I didn’t own curtains, so I’m going to assume Tara was just being polite. Then I moved all the way across the country, took a subway to Coney Island, and drank a beer with Kathleen’s brother’s face on it. It was a strong beer. Drinks in hand, Jeff and I watched as the famous Donny Vomit hammered nails into his face and twisted his way out of a straight jacket. There were beautiful, nearly naked women. There was fire.

Not since I was 5 and my friend Sara insisted on proving that her younger, twin brothers did, in fact, have penises have I had such an unusual, sensational encounter with a trio of siblings. You can read more about their collective exploits and mad talents on Tara’s blog. And by god, if you don’t do your darndest to see The Pretty Things Peepshow this summer you are a fool. They will be in OKC at The Blue Note on May 31.

* Jeff asked me this week what Kathleen’s maiden name was, and since I know that Tara is also married, all I could come up with was … Vomit? That can’t be right. 




2 thoughts on “The Vomit family*

  1. I feel blessed to know one of the three. I want to come visit again and see his show, among many other things. Love this blog too by the way. Thanks for keeping it going. xo

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