OKC vs. NYC, part 4: Citations

I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like Brooklyn or that I wish I was still in Oklahoma. And I’m not trying to talk my way into a job at the Oklahoma Department of Tourism (I hear dark forces are at work there these days.) I’m just a loving ex-pat who feels a moral obligation to let the rest of the world know what they’re missing. This time I have citations:

TV actor Nick Offerman helps open deadCenter Film Festival
Offerman said he is impressed with the roster of films being shown at deadCenter this year, and that it reflects on the progress he has witnessed since he first visited the city.
“I love seeing that. We spend a lot of time here visiting Megan’s mom, and nice to see there’s so much fitting my taste in Oklahoma City.”

If OKC is good enough for Nick and Megan She’ll-Always-be-Karen-To-Me Mullally, it is good enough for you! I saw them at the cheese counter in Whole Foods when I was home for Christmas, by the way. All five of my celebrity encounters have occurred while buying food.

So roasted bone marrow and film festivals aren’t your thing? Let me present Exhibit B:

Will OKC Thunder Be NBA’s Next Great Dynasty?
After watching the Miami Heat share a relationship with their home crowd that can only be described as awkward, the Thunder live and breathe their fans’ energy. James Harden may have been named Sixth Man of the Year, but this team’s real sixth man is watching from the stands.

Fear the beard all you like, but teams coming into Chesapeake Energy Arena fear the fans even more.

They might get even more fearsome as this hot young team quickly becomes the league’s very best—and stays there for a while.

Case closed. Actually its not, but that’s all I have time for today. I’ll leave you with this photo of Ellie doing her best Harden impression after the game last night:

Who doesn’t love a good lady-beard?


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