And now I can die happy

Just when I resolve to talk more about being a neopioneer in New York City and less about muppets, this video appears. The two great television loves of my life* together in one 128 second clip.

1) I have an extra special love for this because my dad calls me Number One. No, I never had a chance at being cool, but I always felt loved.

2) Count Von Count has a new Twitter account, and I highly suggest you follow him. He is the most on-message, brand-authentic Twitter user I have ever seen.

3) And then there’s this, a blog about Star Trek fashion, which is where I originally found this clip.

* “What about Sopranos?” you might ask. Well, in terms of longevity and the development of my psyche, STNG and Sesame Street still win. And I don’t want Tony anywhere near my muppets.**

** Too late.  I guess it’s okay. So is this.   


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