Ellie on things. Specificly, the bed.

When Ellie was a baby, we naively thought, for a brief period of time, that we wouldn’t let her sleep on the bed. Surprisingly, I was the author of this rule and the last hold-out. We soon discovered that not only was Ellie a great spooner, she would sleep later, and let us do the same, if she was curled at the back of my knees or allowed to nuzzle up to Jeff’s feet. Part of the pack. A real dog pile.

While Ellie would never stand for the agile and sometimes hair-raising situations that Maddie tolerates with stoic resolve, she does have at least two great talents: seeking out the best possible way to be comfortable in any situation and acting as a human nap aid. In short, she’s my kind of girl. “No physical heroics, thank you, but that pillow looks nice.

Although we know it defies reason, we’ve never stopped being amused by the sight of Ellie in her pillowy element. And we keep taking pictures. In honor of her 7th birthday tomorrow, here’s a small collection of “Ellie Comfortable On the Bed.” Perhaps I will follow-up at a later date with “Ellie Comfortable On the Couch” and “Ellie Comfortable On Pillows and Other Soft Items On the Floor.”

An Ellie neck-nuzzle is never a bad way to wake up.


5 thoughts on “Ellie on things. Specificly, the bed.

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