Yesterday a man wearing a vegetable tie, who had Grade A maple syrup in the cup holder of his Corolla, pulled up outside my apartment to take me to Long Island, where we would celebrate a cooperative of 40+ school districts that have banded together to buy Grade B potatoes for their school lunch programs. Before we made it out of Brooklyn, I had already heard the geologic history of the region’s ridges (glaciers!), and I thought to myself, “God, I love New Yorkers!”

It was a day that just kept giving:

I helped two of my colleagues distribute Farm to School materials at an elementary school. Last year, parents got together to paint an elaborate rain forest scene on all four walls of the school cafeteria – their very own “Rainforest Cafe,” complete with a river made out of blue tile! I’m also grateful to work in a field where a carrot brooch and a veggie tie are practically required.

After Long Island, we made an unplanned (on my part) stop in Greenpoint, where a group of women in agriculture were meeting on the second floor of an art gallery on an otherwise industrial block. This was the shower curtain in the bathroom at the gallery.

It wouldn’t be a full day without an unplanned trip to Manhattan. My veggie-tie colleague had another meeting to get to, and we calculated that it would be faster for me ride with him into Manhattan and get a subway home from there then it would have been to make it from one side of Brooklyn to another on the G. And besides, I never get to ride in cars anymore, and the company was good.

Our soundtrack for the day, which I highly recommend.

This was the scene in Manhattan, above ground and below.

After just an hour-and-a-half at home, I went to an event at 61 Local, a bar that also hosts a weekly CSA. A CSA. In a bar. Besides the low lighting, I challenge you to find anything wrong with that scenario.

Leaving the bar, I met this guy, who keeps watch over a shop on Smith Street and enjoys having his ears scratched.

Goodnight, Brooklyn.


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