November in brief

1) In early November I spent a lot of time being grateful for two things: I live on high ground and I work from home. From our perch near the top of Brooklyn, Hurricane Sandy was just another (really windy) day. As reports of the crippled transit system trickled in, we realized that we were stuck on our island. Which was fine because Jeff’s office in downtown Manhattan was closed first one day, then a week, and then indefinitely when it was revealed that at least five feet of water had swept into the lobby (not to mention the basement and subbasement), carrying a man’s body with it and frying all of the wiring. So after two reconnaissance missions to carry office equipment down 21 flights of stairs, Jeff has been working at home, and Ellie and I have (mostly) been happy to have him.

IMG_2068IMG_20752) When the subways (mostly) opened again, we took advantage of our new MoMA membership. You know what would be be even more stressful than setting up a regular garage sale? Setting up a garage sale that is actually an art installation. At the MoMA.


3) You know what’s better than Momofuku’s pork buns? Copying Momofuku’s pork buns with your girlfriends on a hot July day in Oklahoma when you drink too much and accidently bake the dough you are trying to rise and the plastic bowl it is sitting in. But the next best thing is eating the real buns with one of those friends for the first time and realizing you did right by that pork belly all those months ago. IMG_20974) Then these guys showed up from England….DSC_0065

5) … and we got our Thanksgiving on! Photo by Peter Lyon. Not sure who the Quattros are. We just used them for their sign. IMG_1371


One thought on “November in brief

  1. I’d really love to go to the MOMA for garage sale art. Also, I can tell you have a new camera. And by new I mean not your iphone. AND I like that some things don’t change- seeing you at the market in your green coat reminds me of last year :)

    p.s. now that I have bangs we are looking more alike than ever. We’re bangin, what can I say?

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