Autumn in Green-Wood Cemetery




DSC_01443DSC_0123This is our street as seen from Battle Hill inside Green-Wood Cemetery. We are extremely lucky to have a place of such great beauty surrounding our block on two sides. And, no, it isn’t creepy – not at all. We think of it as a giant park, albeit one that doesn’t allow dogs, which means we don’t walk there nearly as often as we would like to. The cemetery’s diverse collection of trees (roughly 8,000 of them) put on an amazing show in the fall, so this year we resolved to spend more time enjoying them, and they reciprocated by holding their color for a whopping eight weeks or so.

You have to understand that the cemetery is really a multi-use facility, and it has a long history of serving the living as well as the dead. They have an app for god’s sake. The wealthy families who built mausoleums more than a century ago used them as weekend getaways. Never mind that the building would one day hold their corpses, the view over the East River must have been amazing. I admire that kind of practicality, and I hope that when we take photos like the ones below, we are honoring them in some way. But maybe that’s a stretch.

DSC_0157_1 DSC_0146_1


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