Back again

You go, She-Ra! You take those Fridays back! (At Big Gay Ice Cream Shop)

You know your blog has fallen by the wayside when your great-aunt comes up to you at a funeral and says, “You never blog anymore.”  So after a three-month, unintentional hiatus, I’m back.

Why I was gone isn’t half as interesting as how and why I am back, so let’s start there. For many years The Plan was for Jeff to finish grad school and get a full-time  job, at which point I would trade places with him and become the under-employed half of our partnership while working on my freelance writing career and various other flights of fancy. We pictured this as something like a five-year plan. We also pictured a fantasy land circa 1950 in which hard-working families could live comfortably on one professional salary.

It wasn’t as if I was just waiting around – generally speak, I was doing work I loved while also trying to find the time and nerve to write pitch letters, essays, etc. If you want something you’ll make it happen, right? Suffice it to say that somewhere in the middle of year eight, I decided that I could spend another five years lying to myself about how I would spend my nights and weekends or I could make something happen in a different way. I could buy my time back.

So that’s what I did. Thanks to my super-supportive bosses I was able to trade in 20 percent of my salary for 20 percent of my time – I bought  my Fridays back. It isn’t much time, but it is a little, and it is all mine. Let’s see what I can do with it.




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