New York weekend



AugustBlogDSC_0062AugustBlogDSC_0034AugustBlogDSC_0024photo copy

photoAugustBlogDSC_00811) Before she left town for the weekend, one of my new friends asked me to check in on her potted herb garden, which meant she handed me the key to access not only her balcony, but the rooftop of our building. The roof. Our building is only five stories tall, but because we live on one of the highest points in the entire city, the view is freaking amazing. Being up there was like taking a vacation inside our own building, which we both sorely needed.

2) I started and ended my weekend at an adorable little cafe called Savor Brooklyn. It is about a mile from our place on a quiet residential street in Windsor Terrace, and I had never seen it before until I signed up for a month of  yoga at a studio on the same block. It is adorable, quiet and bright. It seems to be run entirely by a husband/wife team, and not only does their menu say they source local, last week I watched the husband snip basil leaves off of one of his plants to make bruschetta (which he brought me a piece of for free.) They don’t seem to have much business (location, location, location is not on their side), which makes me feel irrationally guilty every time I walk by without stopping. So Friday I stopped for lunch (pillowy, handmade ravioli), and Sunday Jeff and I both went in for breakfast (frittatas) on our way to the farmers’s market, which is also on the same amazing block.

3) My major accomplishment this weekend was reading almost all of three New Yorkers. Notice all the books looking on with contempt and a sense of neglect. Takeaways: Bloomberg’s incomprehensible wealth has made him the rare politician who can’t be bought, and a hard act to follow; ideas of all kinds are best spread through many conversations with people you trust (a concept that fascinates me because I have long seen it play out in the ways I have changed my habits and the ways I have brought change to my surroundings); you can forge great works of art so long as you mean well (a curator from the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is a major character in this piece, which also has one of THE best endings in any article I’ve ever read. Kudos to Alec Wilkinson); even great chefs still approach food with an air of wonder and experimentation (bonus takeaway: renewed faith in the craft of food journalism.)

4) Speaking of food, I made one of my favorite meals Sunday night: Tomato bisque with zucchini fritters. I’ll try to say a little more about this one later in the week.


3 thoughts on “New York weekend

  1. 1) What a gorgeous sunset. You’ve made it to the roof!
    2) You had me at “pillowy ravioli.”
    3) Jeez, it will be quite an accomplishment if I can read just these articles you linked to. I enjoyed your takeaways.
    4) I know and love these zucchini fritters you speak of.

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