Street finds: Raccoon grave

IMG_2987In hyper-local news this week, a raccoon died in our neighborhood. We have a LOT of raccoons—we see them peering at us from trees and boldly devouring our trash. Jeff and I are fans of the raccoons, trash eating aside, so I was sad to see one lying dead on the sidewalk next to Greenwood Cemetery on Sunday morning. Jeff told me later that he noticed a little acorn lying next to the raccoon’s outstretch hand—he felt this was surely part of the death narrative.

I always feel like something should be done when I see a dead animal, but I usually have a moment of private silence and leave it at that. I knew the cemetery groundskeepers would eventually find the body and dispose of it. But on Tuesday, I found this. The body had been moved out of the main footpath and covered in fallen leaves. You can’t tell in the photo, but short, heavy branches were stacked on top of the leaves in a circular pattern, and a smooth stone was placed on top with a fake chrysanthemum. It was beautiful.

Thank you, neighbor, whoever you are.


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