The Statue of Liberty and me

LibertyDSC_0071Five things about the Statue of Liberty:

1) Last week was her birthday.

2) We have a clear view of her from our block, so I see her every time I leave my home. I can also see her if I lean waaay out my bedroom window.

3) She is standing on top of a fort, Fort Wood to be exact, which was built about 80 years before she was.

4) The more I read about American history, the more I realize that even if we get it wrong more days than we get it right, it was a revolutionary idea to  welcome all comers, to say, “this is a place of refuge.”

5) On the day I took this photo from my neighbor’s roof, I spent a lot of time watching Lady Liberty out in the harbor, watching boats move past her and darkness fall around her. I thought about her being there through the hurricane and  when the harbor is caked with ice. For some reason, I started to picture her stillness on nights when I couldn’t sleep. I imagine that I’m her. The idea takes my breath away— the cold wind, the vast city, the darkness. But she is steadfast, and in my mind, I become steadfast, too. Then I fall asleep.


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