Block Party – now with more fire!




A couple months ago, I realized why Brooklyn is the perfect city for us, even though Jeff and I want very different things from our community.

I grew up in the country with hardly a neighbor in site. I wanted kids to play with, I wanted to live on Sesame Street, I wanted to borrow milk from a neighbor, I wanted to know what a block party was.

Jeff grew up in a small town where everyone knew his business. Jeff has the same name as his dad and everyone knows his dad. Everyone knows Jeff. The woman who cut his hair when he was 5 assumed without asking that she was invited to our wedding, because why wouldn’t she be? She had known him all his life. 

I want a community; Jeff wants to be anonymous. Brooklyn offers both. 

In honor of my desire to remember warmer times, I thought I would share a few photos from last summer’s block party, which was even more amazing than the year before. The city closed the street and everyone dragged their tables, chairs, grills and kiddie pools out onto the pavement. A band played, a man let me add my hot dogs to his grill and we got to know a few of our neighbors a little better. Then, our nice Scottish neighbor Chris (AKA Flambeaux), marched down the hill breathing fire.

Welcome to Brooklyn, where you have to breath fire to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t have to cook your own hotdogs. 


DSC_020320 DSC_019819

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