Published Writing

The Top 5 Myths about Farm to School Programs
The Huffington Post, June 20, 2013

“Most of us can remember a childhood encounter with chicken nuggets, Tater-Tots, and canned peaches in syrup as our lunch. But with one in three children currently considered overweight or obese, ideas about how we feed our kids at home and at school are changing, and many school cafeterias are leading the charge….


Jenny’s Garden
Edible Manhattan, July-August 2013

“On a warm afternoon in Riverside Park, two young women pause during their jog to examine an unusual site near 138th Street and 12th Avenue. Swiss chard, basil and tomato plants spill out of more than 40 raised beds, surrounded by a collection of fruit trees and edible flowers, tended by a dozen volunteers….


Putting the ‘Gardens’ in Carroll Gardens
Edible Brooklyn, Summer 2013

“A row of postcard-size illustrations are strung like a garland across the wide windows of Smith Canteen. “I am very good for you!” declares a smiling peapod, flanked by two ripe strawberries, several carrots and what looks like a trio of colorful peppers….


Flatbush Fig Farm
Edible Brooklyn, Spring 2013

“Flatbush Fig Farm is the perfect triple-bottom-line business, with one small catch: This year they plan to spend roughly half their profits on a Death Star. But never fear—their Star Wars aspirations are Lego in nature, and the other half of their earnings will be donated to the Flatbush Community Garden….


Pudding: Oklahoma Eats recipe section
Oklahoma Living, December 2010


The Missing Link in Local
Entrepreneurs are always looking for the next big thing they can bottle and sell; April Harrington found 300. Or rather they found her.
Oklahoma Living, April 2010


Sewing the Seeds of a Healthy Future
Farm to school programs teach children to appreciate healthy food
Oklahoma Living, September 2009


Gardeners Feeding the Hungry
With more and more rural residents finding themselves in the middle  of a food desert, a program called Urban Harvest is combatting hunger one community at a time.
Oklahoma Living, August 2008



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